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 Action Script Extraction
If you've ever lost a flash file you know that actionscript is the hardest part to redo, the chances of it working the same as it did before are very low, SWF Scanner allows you to full recover all Action Script from an *.SWF file. SWF Scanner fully feature full extraction of Actionscript in both Flash 5 and Flash 4 mode. Scanner also allows you to convert your Actionscript into HEX Code, Chr format, and Int format.

Note: Viewing Action Script in Flash 5 and 4 Code mode is disabled in the demo.
 Edit Movie Properties
Editing the Movie properties can be simply done, you can change the Width, Height, and Frame Rate of the movie without having the orginal *.Fla file.

 Extract All Objects
If you want to try to fully recreate your flash file you can simply Extract all the objects with the click of a button. This will export all the files to their orginal formats.
 Easy to Follow Menu Structure
SWF Scanner has a easy to follow menu flowing down the left side of the screen. You can basically decompile elements of your flash movie 1 by 1 by scrolling through the menu system. It neatly organizes all the images, button, and action script elements under one drop down so you will know exactly where to find them. We find that almost anyone can easily understand, and follow this structure.

Note: All Images extracted in the demo version will have a red 'X' over them.
 Replace and Save Images
If you update your companies logo, or want to change a simple image in one of your flash presentations and have misplaced the orginal file, SWF Scanner has a simple, easy to use image replace function all you have to do is select the image you want to replace, find the new image on your hardrive and hit the Replace and Save button.
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